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Result of search for Latin name Cirsium

  1. Cirsium (JFP-15)
  2. Cirsium acanthodontum (as synonym)
  3. Cirsium acanthodontum (as synonym)
  4. Cirsium amblylepis (as synonym)
  5. Cirsium amblylepis (as synonym)
  6. Cirsium andersonii (JFP-1)
  7. Cirsium andrewsii (JFP-1)
  8. Cirsium arizonicum (JFP-1)
  9. Cirsium arizonicum var. arizonicum (JFP-1)
  10. Cirsium arizonicum var. tenuisectum (JFP-1)
  11. Cirsium arvense (JFP-2)
  12. Cirsium brevistylum (JFP-1)
  13. Cirsium callilepis (as synonym)
  14. Cirsium callilepis (as synonym)
  15. Cirsium callilepis var. pseudocarlinioides (as synonym)
  16. Cirsium callilepis var. pseudocarlinoides (as synonym)
  17. Cirsium canescens (JFP-2)
  18. Cirsium canovirens (JFP-1a)
  19. Cirsium canovirens (as synonym)
  20. Cirsium ciliolatum (JFP-1)
  21. Cirsium congdonii (JFP-1a)
  22. Cirsium coulteri (as synonym)
  23. Cirsium crassicaule (JFP-1)
  24. Cirsium cymosum (JFP-1)
  25. Cirsium cymosum var. canovirens (JFP-1)
  26. Cirsium cymosum var. cymosum (JFP-1)
  27. Cirsium douglasii (JFP-1)
  28. Cirsium douglasii var. breweri (JFP-1)
  29. Cirsium douglasii var. douglasii (JFP-1)
  30. Cirsium drummondii (as synonym)
  31. Cirsium eatonii (A. Gray) B. L. Rob. & C. nidulum (M. E. Jones) Petr. (as misapplied name)
  32. Cirsium foliosum (as synonym)
  33. Cirsium fontinale (JFP-1)
  34. Cirsium fontinale var. campylon (JFP-1)
  35. Cirsium fontinale var. fontinale (JFP-1)
  36. Cirsium fontinale var. obispoense (JFP-1)
  37. Cirsium giganteum (JFP-9)
  38. Cirsium hydrophilum (JFP-1)
  39. Cirsium hydrophilum var. hydrophilum (JFP-1)
  40. Cirsium hydrophilum var. vaseyi (JFP-1)
  41. Cirsium inamoenum (JFP-1)
  42. Cirsium inamoenum var. inamoenum (JFP-1)
  43. Cirsium loncholepis (JFP-1a)
  44. Cirsium loncholepis (as synonym)
  45. Cirsium mendocinum (as synonym)
  46. Cirsium mohavense (JFP-1)
  47. Cirsium neomexicanum (JFP-1)
  48. Cirsium nidulum (JFP-1a_t)
  49. Cirsium occidentale (JFP-1)
  50. Cirsium occidentale var. californicum (JFP-1)
  51. Cirsium occidentale var. candidissimum (JFP-1)
  52. Cirsium occidentale var. compactum (JFP-1)
  53. Cirsium occidentale var. coulteri (JFP-1)
  54. Cirsium occidentale var. lucianum (JFP-1)
  55. Cirsium occidentale var. occidentale (JFP-1)
  56. Cirsium occidentale var. venustum (JFP-1)
  57. Cirsium ochrocentrum (JFP-2)
  58. Cirsium ochrocentrum var. ochrocentrum (JFP-2)
  59. Cirsium praeteriens (JFP-7)
  60. Cirsium quercetorum (JFP-1)
  61. Cirsium quercetorum var. walkerianum (as synonym)
  62. Cirsium quercetorum var. xerolepis (as synonym)
  63. Cirsium remotifolium (JFP-1)
  64. Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis (JFP-1)
  65. Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis (as synonym)
  66. Cirsium remotifolium var. remotifolium (JFP-1)
  67. Cirsium remotifolium var. rivulare (JFP-1)
  68. Cirsium rhothophilum (JFP-1)
  69. Cirsium scabrum (JFP-3b)
  70. Cirsium scariosum (JFP-1)
  71. Cirsium scariosum var. citrinum (as synonym)
  72. Cirsium scariosum var. americanum (JFP-1)
  73. Cirsium scariosum var. citrinum (JFP-1)
  74. Cirsium scariosum var. congdonii (JFP-1)
  75. Cirsium scariosum var. loncholepis (JFP-1)
  76. Cirsium scariosum var. robustum (JFP-1)
  77. Cirsium scariosum var. scariosum (JFP-1)
  78. Cirsium subniveum (JFP-1a)
  79. Cirsium subniveum (as synonym)
  80. Cirsium tioganum (as synonym)
  81. Cirsium tioganum (as synonym)
  82. Cirsium undulatum (JFP-1)
  83. Cirsium undulatum var. undulatum (JFP-1a)
  84. Cirsium utahense Petr. (as misapplied name)
  85. Cirsium utahense (as synonym)
  86. Cirsium virginense (as synonym)
  87. Cirsium vulgare (JFP-2)
  88. Cirsium walkerianum (JFP-1a)
  89. Cirsium walkerianum (as synonym)

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