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Result of search for Latin name Chorizanthe

  1. Chorizanthe (JFP-15)
  2. Chorizanthe andersonii (JFP-1a)
  3. Chorizanthe andersonii (as synonym)
  4. Chorizanthe angustifolia var. angustifolia (JFP-1a_t)
  5. Chorizanthe angustifolia var. eastwoodiae (JFP-1a_t)
  6. Chorizanthe aphanantha (JFP-1)
  7. Chorizanthe biloba (JFP-1)
  8. Chorizanthe biloba var. biloba (JFP-1)
  9. Chorizanthe biloba var. immemora (JFP-1)
  10. Chorizanthe blakleyi (JFP-1)
  11. Chorizanthe brevicornu (JFP-1)
  12. Chorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornu (JFP-1)
  13. Chorizanthe brevicornu var. spathulata (JFP-1)
  14. Chorizanthe breweri (JFP-1)
  15. Chorizanthe californica (as synonym)
  16. Chorizanthe californica var. suksdorfii (as synonym)
  17. Chorizanthe clevelandii (JFP-1)
  18. Chorizanthe coriacea (as synonym)
  19. Chorizanthe corrugata (JFP-1)
  20. Chorizanthe cuspidata (JFP-1)
  21. Chorizanthe cuspidata var. marginata (as synonym)
  22. Chorizanthe cuspidata var. cuspidata (JFP-1)
  23. Chorizanthe cuspidata var. marginata (JFP-1a)
  24. Chorizanthe cuspidata var. villosa (JFP-1)
  25. Chorizanthe diffusa (JFP-1)
  26. Chorizanthe douglasii (JFP-1)
  27. Chorizanthe douglasii var. albens (as synonym)
  28. Chorizanthe douglasii var. hartwegii (as synonym)
  29. Chorizanthe douglasii var. albens (JFP-1a)
  30. Chorizanthe eastwoodiae (JFP-1)
  31. Chorizanthe fernandina (as synonym)
  32. Chorizanthe fimbriata (JFP-1)
  33. Chorizanthe fimbriata var. fimbriata (JFP-1)
  34. Chorizanthe fimbriata var. laciniata (JFP-1)
  35. Chorizanthe floccosa (as synonym)
  36. Chorizanthe howellii (JFP-1)
  37. Chorizanthe insignis (JFP-1a)
  38. Chorizanthe insularis (JFP-1a)
  39. Chorizanthe insularis (as synonym)
  40. Chorizanthe jonesiana (as synonym)
  41. Chorizanthe laciniata (as synonym)
  42. Chorizanthe lastarriaea var. californica (as synonym)
  43. Chorizanthe leptoceras (as synonym)
  44. Chorizanthe leptotheca (JFP-1)
  45. Chorizanthe membranacea (JFP-1)
  46. Chorizanthe minutiflora (JFP-1)
  47. Chorizanthe nortonii (JFP-1a)
  48. Chorizanthe nortonii (as synonym)
  49. Chorizanthe obovata (JFP-1)
  50. Chorizanthe obovata f. prostrata (as synonym)
  51. Chorizanthe orcuttiana (JFP-1)
  52. Chorizanthe palmeri (JFP-1)
  53. Chorizanthe palmeri var. biloba (as synonym)
  54. Chorizanthe palmeri var. ventricosa (as synonym)
  55. Chorizanthe parryi (JFP-1)
  56. Chorizanthe parryi var. fernandina (JFP-1)
  57. Chorizanthe parryi var. parryi (JFP-1)
  58. Chorizanthe perfoliata (as synonym)
  59. Chorizanthe polygonoides (JFP-1)
  60. Chorizanthe polygonoides subsp. longispina (as synonym)
  61. Chorizanthe polygonoides var. longispina (JFP-1)
  62. Chorizanthe polygonoides var. polygonoides (JFP-1)
  63. Chorizanthe procumbens (JFP-1)
  64. Chorizanthe procumbens var. albiflora (JFP-1a)
  65. Chorizanthe procumbens var. albiflora (as synonym)
  66. Chorizanthe procumbens var. mexicana (as synonym)
  67. Chorizanthe pungens (JFP-1)
  68. Chorizanthe pungens var. cuspidata (as synonym)
  69. Chorizanthe pungens var. diffusa (as synonym)
  70. Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegii (as synonym)
  71. Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegii (as synonym)
  72. Chorizanthe pungens var. robusta (as synonym)
  73. Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegiana (JFP-1)
  74. Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegii (Benth.) Goodman (from WW, "See Phytologia 67: 357-360 (1989) for justification and clarification.") (as misapplied name)
  75. Chorizanthe pungens var. nivea (JFP-1a)
  76. Chorizanthe pungens var. pungens (JFP-1)
  77. Chorizanthe rectispina (JFP-1)
  78. Chorizanthe rigida (JFP-1)
  79. Chorizanthe robusta (JFP-1)
  80. Chorizanthe robusta var. hartwegii (as synonym)
  81. Chorizanthe robusta var. hartwegii (JFP-1)
  82. Chorizanthe robusta var. robusta (JFP-1)
  83. Chorizanthe spathulata (as synonym)
  84. Chorizanthe spinosa (JFP-1)
  85. Chorizanthe staticoides (JFP-1)
  86. Chorizanthe staticoides subsp. chrysacantha (as synonym)
  87. Chorizanthe staticoides var. brevispina (as synonym)
  88. Chorizanthe staticoides var. elata (JFP-1a)
  89. Chorizanthe staticoides var. elata (as synonym)
  90. Chorizanthe staticoides var. latiloba (as synonym)
  91. Chorizanthe stellulata (JFP-1)
  92. Chorizanthe thurberi (as synonym)
  93. Chorizanthe uniaristata (JFP-1)
  94. Chorizanthe valida (JFP-1)
  95. Chorizanthe ventricosa (JFP-1)
  96. Chorizanthe villosa (JFP-1a)
  97. Chorizanthe villosa (as synonym)
  98. Chorizanthe vortriedei (JFP-1a)
  99. Chorizanthe watsonii (JFP-1)
  100. Chorizanthe wheeleri (JFP-1)
  101. Chorizanthe xanti (JFP-1)
  102. Chorizanthe xanti subsp. leucotheca (as synonym)
  103. Chorizanthe xanti var. leucotheca (JFP-1)
  104. Chorizanthe xanti var. xanti (JFP-1)

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