Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    


Result of search for Latin name Wigandia

  1. Wigandia caracasana (JFP-2a)
  2. Wigandia caracasana (as synonym)
  3. Wigandia caracasana var. calycina (as synonym)
  4. Wigandia caracasana var. macrophylla (as synonym)
  5. Wigandia caracasana var. viscosa (as synonym)
  6. Wigandia kunthii var. intermedia (as synonym)
  7. Wigandia kunthii var. macrophylla (as synonym)
  8. Wigandia kunthii var. viscosa (as synonym)
  9. Wigandia macrophylla (as synonym)
  10. Wigandia peruviana (as synonym)
  11. Wigandia scorpioides (as synonym)
  12. Wigandia urens (JFP-2)
  13. Wigandia urens var. caracasana (as synonym)
  14. Wigandia urens var. caracasana (JFP-2a)

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