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Result of search for Latin name Haplopappus

  1. Haplopappus acaulis (as synonym)
  2. Haplopappus acradenius (as synonym)
  3. Haplopappus acradenius subsp. bracteosus (as synonym)
  4. Haplopappus acradenius subsp. eremophilus (as synonym)
  5. Haplopappus apargioides (JFP-1a)
  6. Haplopappus arborescens (JFP-1a)
  7. Haplopappus bloomeri (as synonym)
  8. Haplopappus brickellioides (as synonym)
  9. Haplopappus canus (as synonym)
  10. Haplopappus carthamoides subsp. cusickii (as synonym)
  11. Haplopappus ciliatus (as synonym)
  12. Haplopappus cuneatus (as synonym)
  13. Haplopappus cuneatus var. spathulatus (as synonym)
  14. Haplopappus eastwoodiae (as synonym)
  15. Haplopappus ericoides (as synonym)
  16. Haplopappus ericoides subsp. blakei (JFP-1a_t)
  17. Haplopappus ericoides subsp. blakei (as synonym)
  18. Haplopappus eximius (as synonym)
  19. Haplopappus eximius subsp. peirsonii (JFP-1a) ·
  20. Haplopappus gilmanii (as synonym)
  21. Haplopappus gracilis (as synonym)
  22. Haplopappus greenei (JFP-1a)
  23. Haplopappus hirtus (as synonym)
  24. Haplopappus hirtus subsp. hirtus (as synonym)
  25. Haplopappus hirtus subsp. lanulosus (as synonym)
  26. Haplopappus junceus (as synonym)
  27. Haplopappus lanceolatus (as synonym)
  28. Haplopappus lanceolatus subsp. tenuicaulis (as synonym)
  29. Haplopappus laricifolius (as synonym)
  30. Haplopappus linearifolius (JFP-1a)
  31. Haplopappus lucidus (as synonym)
  32. Haplopappus lyallii (as synonym)
  33. Haplopappus macronema (as synonym)
  34. Haplopappus nanus (as synonym)
  35. Haplopappus occidentalis (JFP-1a) ·
  36. Haplopappus ophitidis (as synonym)
  37. Haplopappus palmeri (as synonym)
  38. Haplopappus palmeri subsp. pachylepis (JFP-1a)
  39. Haplopappus paniculatus var. stenocephalus (JFP-1a_t)
  40. Haplopappus peirsonii (as synonym)
  41. Haplopappus phyllocephalus (JFP-unresolved)
  42. Haplopappus pinifolius (as synonym)
  43. Haplopappus propinquus (as synonym)
  44. Haplopappus racemosus (as synonym)
  45. Haplopappus racemosus subsp. congestus (as synonym)
  46. Haplopappus racemosus subsp. glomeratus (as synonym)
  47. Haplopappus racemosus subsp. pinetorum (as synonym)
  48. Haplopappus racemosus subsp. sessiliflorus (as synonym)
  49. Haplopappus ravenii (as synonym)
  50. Haplopappus squarrosus (as synonym)
  51. Haplopappus squarrosus subsp. grindelioides (as synonym)
  52. Haplopappus squarrosus subsp. obtusus (as synonym)
  53. Haplopappus squarrosus subsp. stenolepis (JFP-1a)
  54. Haplopappus stenophyllus (as synonym)
  55. Haplopappus suffruticosus (as synonym)
  56. Haplopappus uniflorus (as synonym)
  57. Haplopappus uniflorus subsp. gossypinus (as synonym)
  58. Haplopappus venetus (as synonym)
  59. Haplopappus venetus subsp. argutus (as synonym)
  60. Haplopappus venetus subsp. furfuraceus (as synonym)
  61. Haplopappus whitneyi (as synonym)
  62. Haplopappus whitneyi subsp. discoideus (as synonym)

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