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Ph.D. Students of Carroll E. Wood Jr.


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         Carroll E. Wood, Jr.  (1921 - ) Ph.D.: Harvard University, 1949


               Walter S. Judd   Ph.D. Harvard University, 1978 (website)

               Christopher S. Campbell  Ph.D., Harvard University, 1980 (website)

               Michael J. Donoghue  Ph.D., Harvard University, 1982 (website)

               Elizabeth A. Kellogg  Ph.D., Harvard University, 1983 (website)

               Brent D. Mishler Ph.D., Harvard University, 1984
Brent's students


Left to right:

Brent Mishler, Toby Kellogg, Mike Donoghue (with Nina Donoghue), Carroll Wood, Chris Campbell, Walt Judd.

May 6, 2000 in front of Harvard University Herbaria

*An event honoring Carroll E. Wood Jr., from the ASPT Newsletter 14(2)

A reception, symposium, and dinner were held on 6 May 2000 honoring Carroll E. Wood, Jr. An emeritus curator with the Arnold Arboretum and professor at Harvard University, Carroll Wood is best known for his interest in biogeographic relationships of plants and in establishing the Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States project. A total of 157 papers have been published to date in the Generic Flora series, another 10 are in press or in review, and more than 30 are in preparation. The speakers at the symposium included all of Dr. Wood's Ph.D. students (Christopher S. Campbell, Michael J. Donoghue, Walter S. Judd, Elizabeth A. Kellogg, and Brent D. Mishler); Richard B. Primack, who was influenced as an undergraduate at Harvard by Dr. Wood; P.Barry Tomlinson, a long-time colleague at Harvard; and Norton G. Miller, who continues to collaborate with Dr. Wood on the Generic Flora project.