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Related Sites

  • TreeBASE - A searchable database of phylogenetics trees maintained by Harvard. They have begun by entering plant phylogenies.

  • Tree of Life - An on-line phylogenetic database maintained by the Maddisons. It includes both cladograms and taxon information. The plant portion of the site is still under construction.

  • Algal Collections and Botanical Collections; compiled by UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology.

  • GenBank - On-line searchable database for all known DNA sequences.

  • Phylogenetics Resources - Listing of on-line organizations, meetings, software, journals, and more; compiled by UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology.

  • Deep Gene - Deep Gene is an NSF funded research project geared towards the integration of plant phyogenetics and plant genomics.

  • Plants Without Water - researchers hope to uncover the genes and mechanisms by which Tortula ruralis and other desiccation tolerant plants regenerate after extreme drought.

  • The Green Tree of Life - Reconstructing relationships of green plants with genomics