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Governance of the Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group (GPPRCG) Anticipating the end of the first grant for this project, and the need for a mechanism to continue the group's activities and to search for new funding, a simple set of bylaws was formally adopted at an openly advertised GPPRCG business meeting at the International Botanical Congress on August 5th, 1999. The over-all effort will be guided by an Executive Committee composed of six regular members (serving three- year terms, staggered such that two people rotate off at the end of each August) plus one student slot, rotating every year. The Executive Committee is self-perpetuating, and should elect the two incoming members plus a new student member each spring (while attempting to maintain a balance between organismal specialty, geography, age, and gender as much as possible). New members will be appointed to the board to begin serving at the beginning of June, providing a three-month overlap between the terms of old and new members of the committee. The Chair is named each year by vote of the Committee.

Any new grant proposals submitted in the name of the group should be discussed and approved by the Executive Committee ahead of time to ensure coordination and adherence to the group's goals. Principal Investigators of such proposals of course do not need to be members of the Executive Committee, but if funded will be treated as ex officio members of the Executive Committee while their grant is active to assure smooth cooperation. Thus the full Executive Committee has 7 members during the academic year and 10 members during the summer, plus any PIs of "official" Deep Green grants who serve for the duration of their grant.

Current members of the GPPRCG Executive Committee:
(shown with the August they rotate off the Committee)


Past members of the GPPRCG Executive Committee: