Carl Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America Letters of Carl A. Purpus -- 1900

Transcribed by Barbara Ertter

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Locations: Flagstaff.  

Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 5/16/1900

[25: 16 May 1900]

Flagstaff 16/5 1900

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I got here this morning and went out in to the field right away collecting. The flora seems to be very interesting but not yet developed, as Flagstaff is more than 7000 feet high this is very natural. I found Astragalus, Castilleia etc. in bloom. I also found three four different cacti. First Cereus phoenic. or forms, than Opunt. spec. joint thick setae brown, Opunt. fragilis, and a nice little Mamillaria if vivipara? I am not sure, but only one so far Very much surprised have I been, when I found an Agave. Did You ever know, that there were Agaves in such an altitude? (Pinus ponders. V. scopul. belt) It is some glaucous the spines are all most black and long and pointed like a needel. As soon, as I find the Mamill. which I neglected to collect because I thougt I found find more I will sent You Cacti and Agave by Express or mail.

I have seen none of the rare shrubs yet (Berberis Fremontii Fendlera rupicola etc) which I would get in Utah and Colorado so I may not stay any longer than July and go to Utah again. I have seen Juniperus pachyphoea very abundant on the road, but not here, but of course I can't everything in one day.

Please send my mail to Flagstaff hotel.

My best regards to Mr. Brandegee and Ora.

Very Sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus.


Locations: Flagstaff.  

Carl A. Purpus to Katharine Brandegee, 6/5/1900

[24 (postcard): 5 June 1900]

Camp near Flagstaff 5/6 1900

Dear Mrs. Brandegee!

I expect my mail tomorrow, as Mr. Hochdorffer is going to town today. That Cereus I have found is surely C. Fendleri. I found it in bloom yesterday and was wild with delight. This is surely the most beautyful Cactus in bloom I have ever seen E. polyancistrus not excepted. It is rather scattered. I have found an other Cereus, which may be a form of C. phoenic. with long beautyful straw colored spines. Flowers large and like those of C. phoen. I am not through yet and may find other Cacti everyday. I can send nothing until I go to town. Please ask Mr. Brandegee if the road to Caon City belongs to the Santa F, it looks so on the map. I miss the Mamill. Cactus book very much.

Sincerely Yours

C. A. Purpus

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