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Go "On the Trail, With Purpus, in California," with Barbara Ertter's accounts of Purpus' travels in California.
Read Mario Sousa Sanchez' account of Purpus' life in Mexico from 1898-1925.
Read the Technical University of Darmstadt's website about Carl Albert Purpus (1851-1941), Ein deutscher Pflanzensammler in Amerika, in German.
Check the botanic types first described from Purpus' collections.
Read one of the many letters that Carl Purpus wrote to Townsend and Katherine Brandegee.
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Travelogues and Other Articles Published by C. A. Purpus

Report on my Collecting Trip This Year [1896] Through the Southeastern Sierra Nevada of California

C. A. Purpus and His Introductions

Report of My Journey in the Southern Sierra Nevada and the Argus and Madurango Ranges, by C. A. Purpus

Report by C. A. Purpus on His Expedition to the Desert Areas of Southern and Western Nevada, Northern Arizona, and Western Utah, by C. A. Purpus

A Cactus-Collecting Trip to the Deserts of Southern Nevada, Northwestern Arizona, and Southwestern Utah, by C. A. Purpus

Report on My Journey to the La Sal Mountains, by C. A. Purpus

Published Biographies

Purpus among the Peaks, by Richard Beidleman and Barbara Ertter.

C. A. Purpus: His Collecting Trips in the Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley, California, 1895-1898, by Barbara Ertter

Las Colecciones Botanicas de C. A. Purpus en Mexico: Peri'odo 1898-1925
by Mario Sousa Sanchez

On the Trail, With Purpus, in California,
by Barbara Ertter