The Jepson Herbarium
University of California at Berkeley

Hyperbolic Tree Indexes for The Jepson Manual Treatments

We are experimenting with providing indexes using a Web display tool from Inxight Software called SiteLens. If you have a relatively recent version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, you might try out these indexes. They use Java applets, which will take time to load at first. If you don't get a tree after clicking on a link, then your browser might not be new enough to use the applet. If you do get a tree, you can fine-tune the display with the panel at the lower left.

N.B. These displays are just taxonomic indexes, not phylogenetic trees. If you want to see an example of hyperbolic trees used for the latter purpose, look at the Mishler et al. 1994 tree or the Deep Green demonstration tree

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