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Syntrichia bolanderi (Lesquereux & T. P. James) Zander [Pottiaceae]


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Vouchers: Lake Co.: road to Harbin Springs near Boggs Mountain, Toren & Dearing 7282 (CAS); San Luis Obispo Co.: Queen Bee Campground about 1 mile east of La Panza Summit, Norris 55177; Santa Cruz Co.: Laurel Road at Highway 17, Kellman 2650 (CAS); Sonoma Co.: Russian Gulch Creek about 0.25 mile from Highway 1, Koch 3505 (UC); Riverside Co.: South Fork San Jacinto River about 7 miles east of Hemet, Norris 58056; Tehama Co.: end of Buckhorn Road, Black Butte Reacreation Area, Norris & Piippo 82391; Tulare Co.: Wishon Road at Dunn Fire Trail, Sequoia National Forest, Norris, Shevock, & Barahona 87034.

Literature: Kellman 2003; Shevock and Toren 2001. As Barbula bolanderi Bradshaw 1926; Brandegee 1891; Lawton 1971; Lesquereux 1868; Lesquereux and James 1884; Watson 1880. As Tortula bolanderi Harthill et al. 1979; Howe 1896; Koch 1950a, 1951e; Koch and Ikenberry 1954; McCleary 1972; Mishler 1978; Steere 1954; Steere et al. 1954; Toren 1977; Whittemore and Sommers 1999; Yurky 1990, 1995.

Geographic subdivisions for
Syntrichia bolanderi: CW, NW, SN, SW.
map of distribution

Illustration References: Lawton 1971.

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Elevation by latitude plot for Syntrichia bolanderi
   in California