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Syntrichia papillosissima (Coppey) Loeske [Pottiaceae]


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UC Specimens in the University and Jepson Herbaria Public Portal

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Vouchers: Fresno Co.: canyon west of Boyden Cave, Monarch Wilderness, South Fork Kings River, Sequoia National Forest, Shevock & York 12338; Lassen Co.: slopes of Shaffer Mountain north of Honey Lake, Norris 76305; Mariposa Co.: Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, Kellman 521 (CAS); Monterey Co.: along Arroyo Seco Creek about 4 miles west of Greenfield, Norris 48504; Modoc Co.: along Pepperdine Trail, South Warner Wilderness, Modoc National Forest, Sanger s.n. (UC); San Diego Co.: about 1 mile north of Cuyamaca State Park Headquarters, Norris 50715; Siskiyou Co.: Shasta River about 2 miles south of junction with Klamath River, Norris 102954.


Geographic subdivisions for
Syntrichia papillosissima: CaR, CW, MP, SN, SW.
map of distribution

Illustration References: As Tortula papillosissima Flowers 1953, 1973; Lawton 1971; Sharp et al. 1994. As Tortula ruralis var. hirsuta Harpel 1980a. See also Bizot 1954, 1965.

S. Flowers 8543

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Elevation by latitude plot for Syntrichia papillosissima
   in California