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Ulota megalospora Venturi in Réll [Orthotrichaceae]


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Ulota megalospora, Bot. Centralbl. 44: 389. 1890. -- Ulota reptans Mitt., Trans. Linn. Soc. Bot. 3: 161. 1891. -- Ulota subulifolia C. Muell. & Kindb. in Mac., Cat. Can. Pl. 6:82. 1892. -- Ulota subulata C. Muell. & Kindb. in Mac., Cat. Can. Pl. 6:82. 1892.

   Plants in small yellow-green to olive-green tufts, to 1.5 cm high. Leaves erect spreading when moist but appressed with divergent apices when dry. Leaves to 2.5 mm long, 5–7: 1, linear-lanceolate, broadened and concave near the base, narrowly acuminate at the apices. Median laminal cells isodiametric or short elliptic with rounded lumens, very thick walled with strong corner thickenings, to 10 µm wide, mostly with 2 blunt papillae on each surface. Basal marginal cells in 2–3 rows, short rectangular with thick end walls, to 10 µm wide, 2–3: 1, mostly smooth. Basal juxtacostal cells mostly smooth, linear to narrowly rectangular, about 10: 1, with straight lateral walls. Margins papillose crenate, sometimes plane throughout but usually with at least some recurvature at the contraction from the expanded leaf base. Costa ending immediately below the filiform and shortly uniseriate leaf apex, without a well defined abaxial keel. Costa cross-section at leaf middle only 2 cells thick and up to 4 cells wide along the abaxial perimeter. Centrally inserted axillary hairs to 4 cells (100 µm) long but with the laterally inserted ones only 2-celled (40 µm), with a single basal brown cell, not offset from leaf insertion. Rhizoids inserted at adaxial leaf base, smooth and thick-walled, red-brown, to 10 µm in diameter at base, sparingly branched, Stem cross-section rounded-pentagonal, without a central strand, with pachydermous and red-brown inner corticals and with 1–2 layers of more strongly pachydermous, red brown outer cortical cells.

   Autoicous with perigonia in leaf axils below the perichaetia. Perichaetial leaves somewhat longer and relatively broader than adjacent vegetative leaves, mostly 3–5: 1, with apices blunt to rounded. Capsule exserted on a yellow to yellow brown, smooth and erect seta to 4 mm in length. Urn cylindric, gradually tapered to neck, yellow-brown, to 2.5 mm long, about 3: 1, erect, sulcate with eight ribs, not or only slightly strangulate. Operculum conic-apiculate. Annulus well-defined, revoluble. Exothecial cells in cross-section unistratose with the outer walls very strongly thickened, but with the inner walls thin and collapsed. Suboral exothecial cells in 2–4 rows quadrate and strongly thickened, to 20 µm wide. Exothecial cells at middle of urn quadrate to short rectangular, 1–3: 1, to 45 µm broad, with very thick walled (lumen: wall ratio 2–4: 1) but with thin transverse walles. Stomata abundant, especially from base to middle of urn, phaneroporous. Exostome teeth paired, to 300 µm long, erect or reflexed with age, pale to almost white, finely and densely papillose. Endostome segments 8, as long as the exostome, smooth to very lightly papillose, arising from two rows of cells. Calyptra campanulate and fringed, sparingly provided with upwardly directed multiseriate, prorate-papillose hairs. Spores green, to 50 µm, densely papillose.






Vouchers: Del Norte Co.: Gasquet-Orleans Road about 6.5 miles from Big Flat, Six Rivers National Forest, Norris 74144 & 74145; Humboldt Co.: near French Camp, Norris 24304 and Forest Road 10N02 at head of Mill Creek, Six Rivers National Forest, Norris 70593; Siskiyou Co.: trail from Wilderness Falls toward Doe Flat, Klamath National Forest, Norris 67815; Trinity Co.: Onion Lake Road about 7 miles south of Onion Lake, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Norris & Rivera 72572.

Literature: Christy and Wagner 1996

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Ulota megalospora: NW.
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Illustration References: Malcolm et al. 2009 p. 214; Grout 1928-40; Lawton 1971.

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Ulota megalospora
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