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Homalothecium aeneum (Mitten) E. Lawton [Brachytheciaceae]


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UC Specimens in the University and Jepson Herbaria Public Portal

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Vouchers: Alameda Co.: Brushy Peak northeast of Livermore, Norris 87169; Colusa Co.: Indian Valley Lake, Mendocino National Forest, Norris 67547; Fresno Co.: near Boyden Cave, Monarch Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest, Shevock & York 12335; Lake Co.: Clear Lake State Park, Norris 47719; Lassen Co.: Aspen Grove Campground, south end of Eagle Lake, Norris 52816; Santa Barbara Co.: Bates Canyon, Cole Springs Campground, Norris 55323; Trinity Co.: Hall City Caves east of Wildwood, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Norris 71661; Ventura Co.: Lower San Juan Picnic Area, Norris 58156.

Literature: Harpel 1980a; Harthill et al. 1979; Lawton 1965a, 1971; McCleary 1972; Spjut 1971; Toren 1977. As Camptothecium aeneum Koch 1950a; Steere 1954. As Camptothecium aeneum var. dolosum Sayre 1940. As Camptothecium dolosum Millspaugh and Nuttall 1923.

Geographic subdivisions for
Homalothecium aeneum: CaR, CW, MP, SN, SW.
map of distribution

Illustration References: Lawton 1971.

Norris 21484 & 23663

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Elevation by latitude plot for Homalothecium aeneum
   in California