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Bryum gemmilucens R. Wilczek & Demaret [Bryaceae]


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Catalog Notes: Needs update to Gemmabryum gemmilucens (R. Wilczek & Demaret) J. R. Spence

Vouchers: Butte Co.: levee of Feather River north of Gridley, Norris 52542 (determined by Vanderpoorten); Marin Co.: South Novato, Jenkinson s.n. (UC) [determined by Vanderpoorten]; Napa Co.: Crane Park, City of St. Helena, Norris 48240 (determined by Spence; Vanderpoorten); Lake Co.: Chalk Mountain, North Fork Cache Creek, Toren & Dearing 7323 (CAS) and town of Nice, east shore of Clear Lake, Toren 7710 (CAS)[determined by Spence]; San Francisco Co.: Aqua Vista Park, Central Basin, San Francisco, Shevock 18993; Shasta Co.: Sacramento River Trail northeast of Redding, Norris 105297; Siskiyou Co.: Klamath River at Ash Creek Bridge, Klamath National Forest, Norris & Hillyard 105241; Sonoma Co.: at summit ridge behind Armstrong Park, Koch 3532 (UC) [determined by Vanderpoorten].

Literature: Kellman 2003; Shevock and Toren 2001; Spence 1988a.

Geographic subdivisions for
Bryum gemmilucens: CaR, CW, NW.
map of distribution

Illustration References: Smith 1978.

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Elevation by latitude plot for Bryum gemmilucens
   in California