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Anacolia baueri Hampe [Bartramiaceae]


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Anacolia baueri

   Plant in dense cushions to 6 cm high, pale green to olive green above, occasionally red-brown below due to dense rhizoids. Stems red, closely foliate, little or not at all curled distally when dry. Leaves appressed above or with the apices somewhat divergent, little or not at all secund on distal portions of stem, not crispate. Margin recurved with the recurvature more than one cell wide, at least at mid-leaf, entire below but coarsely serrate to serrulate on the subula. Leaves to 2 mm long, narrowly lanceolate 4–5: 1, with the ovate base contracted at about 1/4 up the leaf to the stiff subula, lightly plicate below. Cells smooth, mostly with rather prominent white and somewhat thickened walls. Median cells of subula moderately thick-walled with elliptical lumens, to 10 µm broad, mostly less than 2: 1. Marginal cells of subula similar to, or somewhat shorter than adjacent median cells. Cells across the leaf base predominantly isodiametric, red-brown. Cells of alar region mostly isodiametric to transversely elongate. Macronematal initials to 60 µm broad, 4–8: 1, extending from median base of leaf down nearly to insertion of next leaf. Costa filling about 1/5 of leaf base, little tapering above, filling about 1/3 of subula base and excurrent in distal 1/6–1/8 of leaf. Lamina bistratose in patches or throughout most of subula, bistratose throughout subula at margin. Costa cross section with one or two layers of guide cells, with two strong layers of substereids but without a differentiated epidermis. Stem cross section rounded pentagonal, with outer 2–3 layers of very small, red-brown and pachydermous cells, fluted outside, rather abruptly differentiated from the pale, thin- to moderately thick-walled inner cortical cells, with a central strand. Rhizoids red-brown, densely papillose, extensively but irregularly branched, to 15 µm wide at base. Axillary hairs to 25 µm long with 1–2 basal brown cells and an almost spherical vesicular apical cell.

   Dioicous with terminal perigonia. Perichaetia terminal but appearing lateral by single innovations; bracts rigidly erect but otherwise similar to vegetative leaves. Seta to 15 mm long, straight and smooth, yellow brown. Urn erect and symmetric, to 2.5 mm long, oblong to short cylindric, brown to yellow brown, wrinkled when dry but not regularly sulcate. Operculum inclined apiculate. Neck of dry capsule moderately well-defined. Suboral exothecial cells quadrate to transversely elongate in 2–5 rows, 0.8–1: 1, to 15 µm broad. Median exothecial cells to 50 µm broad, hexagonal and moderately thick-walled, 1–1.5: 1. Stomata restricted to neck. Annulus poorly defined. Exostome inconspicuous, inserted far below mouth of capsule and hardly protruding from mouth, to 150 µm, smooth and consisting of only a few fragile articulations. Endostome absent. Spores elliptic to reniform, warty papillose, 25–35 µm broad.




   A. baueri: recurvature at shoulder more than one cell wide, basal interior cells to 14 µm, limb 1.5–2.5 times as long as base, not quite so strict leaved, never prorate on laminar cells of subula.

Catalog Notes: The shape of the capsule is definitive. A good little project would be discriminant function analysis using gametophytic characters comparing Anacolia baueri to Anacolia menziesii.

Vouchers: El Dorado Co.: Rock Creek Road about 4.5 miles east of Highway 193, Eldorado National Forest, Norris & Piippo 82290; Glenn Co.: along Ivory Mill Road west of town of Elk Creek, Mendocino National Forest, Shevock 15796; Los Angeles Co.: Highway 138 about 3 miles west of Palmdale, Norris 68093; Mariposa Co.: Merced River near South Fork, Sierra National Forest, Norris 69812; Santa Barbara Co.: Torrey Pine Forest, Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, Shevock & Norris 20789; Siskiyou Co.: Klamath River, 1 mile west of Ash Creek Bridge, Highway 96, Klamath National Forest, Norris 77961; Tulare Co.: Elk Creek near Potwisha Campground, Sequoia National Park, Shevock, Norris, & Barahona 13192.

Literature: Moxley 1928. As Anacolia menziesii var. baueri Koch 1950a; Lawton 1971; McCleary 1972; Toren 1977.

Geographic subdivisions for
Anacolia baueri: CaR, CW, DMoj, NW, SN, SW.
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Illustration References: Lawton 1971.

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Anacolia baueri
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Anacolia baueri
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