Trichostomum Hedwig, 1801.

Plants assigned to Trichostomum generally are larger than those placed in Weissia, and the leaf margins are plane rather than incurved. With Oxystegus and Tortella, we have a group of four closely related genera differing only by a suite of characters without any one of those characters definitive. Oxystegus and Tortella are generally plants with rather flexuose or fragile leaves; Trichostomum and Weissia have rather stiff but often crispate leaves, perhaps a function of the generally shorter proportions of their leaves. The leaves of Trichostomum are generally with plane margins, while those of Weissia are generally incurved.
see key to Weissia Etc.

Species included:
Trichostomum brachydontium Bruch in F. A. Mueller
Trichostomum crispulum Bruch in F. A. Mueller
Trichostomum sweetii (E. B. Bartram) Stark