Tetraplodon Bruch & W. P. Schimper, 1844.

Tetraplodon mnioides is one of the most common Splachnaceae in states to the north of California. This species is unusual in the family in tolerating mesic as well as water-logged substrates. It is regularly found on owl pellets on boulder perches along trails in lowland moist forests near the coast in Washington State. Tetraplodon is easily distinguished from Tayloria and Splachnum on the basis of its ovate-lanceolate (not obovate or spatulate) leaves, and on the basis of have a hypophysis that is about as wide as the urn above.
see key to Tayloria Etc.

Species included:
Tetraplodon mnioides (Hedwig) Bruch & W. P. Schimper, not known from CA