Splachnum Hedwig, 1801.

Splachnum is one of the so-called dung mosses – a term given to a family of mosses that have evolved toward distribution of their spores by flies. We discuss much of the fly dispersal strategy in the section on Tayloria. In some respects, Splachnum is better adapted to fly dispersal because the hypophysis of the sporophyte is so broad as to form a parapet on which the flies can walk and pick up spores. It is so colorful that it might with careless observation be interpreted as a yellow or purple flower. The sporophytes of Splachnum are usually so close together as to allow walking of flies from hypophysis to hypophysis.
see key to Tayloria Etc.

Species included:
Splachnum ampullaceum Hedwig, not known from CA
Splachnum sphaericum Hedwig, not known from CA
Splachnum vasculosum Hedwig, not known from CA