Pseudotaxiphyllum Iwatsuki, 1987.

Pseudotaxiphyllum has traditionally been placed with other ecostate and complanate-leaved mosses in the genus Plagiothecium or its non-decurrent segregate Isopterygium. Modern classifications of this group of plants emphasize the presence or absence of an hyaloderm, and the presence or form of the pseudoparaphyllia. Pseudotaxiphyllum is a genus without either a hyaloderm or pseudoparaphyllia. Our species is easily recognized because it almost always has clusters of microphyllous branchlets in the upper leaf axils. These are asexual reproductive devices as they become detached from the parent plant. Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans is abundant on soil bank and rock faces especially in dimly lighted areas in the lowland areas of coastal California.
see key to Plagiothecium Etc.

Species included:
Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Bridel) Iwatsuki