Pseudocalliergon (Limpricht) Loeske, 1907.

Pseudocalliergon is a genus of semiaquatic mosses that have brownish or yellow-brown leaves ending in a blunt to rounded apex and lacking rhizoid or even nematogon placement on those leaves. The falcate leaves of Pseudocalliergon angustifolium are unusual compared with most other leaves that have been called falcate. Truly falcate leaves arch outward from their insertion as a sickle-shaped foliar structure. Plants such as Pseudocalliergon angustifolium have leaves which arch outward only in their distal one-half while the proximal half of their leaf is erect and symmetrical. Similar patterns are found in such other plants as Hamatocaulis vernicosus and Hypnum subimponens.
see key to Calliergon Etc.

Species included:
Pseudocalliergon angustifolium Hedenäs
Pseudocalliergon trifarium (Weber & D. Mohr) Loeske, not known from CA
Pseudocalliergon turgescens (T. Jensen) Loeske, not known from CA