Plagiobryum Lindberg, 1863.

Plagiobryum is differentiated at the generic level by the pattern of a short exostome and a longer endostome. The gametophyte of Plagiobryum is very similar to that of Bryum argenteum in color and in the somewhat julaceous aspect of the leafy stem. It, however, has elongate cells throughout rather than having quadrate basal cells as in B. argenteum. Additionally, the latter species has a rather long awn, whereas Plagiobryum is mucronate at best. In Washington State, Plagiobryum zierii is a rare plant in dimly lit recesses in rock outcrops at alpine elevations.
see key to Bryum Etc.

Species included:
Plagiobryum zierii (Hedwig) Lindberg, not known from CA