Oxystegus (Limpricht) Hilpert, 1933.

Oxystegus is a generic segregate from Trichostomum, and it shares with that genus the plane-margined (when moist) leaves densely pluripapillose with a strongly differentiated base of rectangular and thin-walled epapillose cells. In some respects Oxystegus also approaches Tortella in having those cells of the base rising farther along the margin than along the costa. Like most of the other genera in its group (Weissia, Trichostomum, Timmiella), Oxystegus is a plant of seasonally drying soil often on exposed road banks.
see key to Weissia Etc.

Species included:
Oxystegus tenuirostris (W. J. Hooker & Taylor) A. J. E. Smith