Oedipodium Schwägrichen, 1823.

This high montane or alpine species has not yet been found south of northwest Washington State. Traditionally, it has been placed in the Splachnaceae probably on the basis of the very long hypophysis on the erect capsule, and on the basis of the very spatulate leaves with large and thin-walled cells. Recent DNA sequence data suggests instead that it should be placed in the very distantly related Polytrichopsida. Were Oedipodium to be encountered in California it would be found on thin soil in deep recesses in alpine rock outcrops. The very broadly spatulate leaves with long cilia on the basal margins render this moss absolutely recognizable in the field.
see key to Tayloria Etc.

Species included:
Oedipodium griffithianum (Dickson) Schwägrichen, not known from CA