Metaneckera W. C. Steere, 1967.

photo by Wilson of Coleman 1599

Metaneckera grows on trees and rocks with erect to decumbent stems arising from a creeping and inconspicuous rhizome. It is the only such Californian plant with strongly complanate and undulate leaves bluntly rounded at the apices and with a costa ascending beyond mid-leaf. The dense and lobed paraphyllia that cloak the stem additionally set the species apart. Many plants produce axillary, microphyllous and caducous branchlets that may cover the plant rendering the larger leaved stems inconspicuous. Even from a distance the coppery wash of Metaneckera may allow identification.
see key to Neckera

Species included:
Metaneckera menziesii (Drummond) W. C. Steere