Meiotrichum (G. L. Smith) G. L. S. Merrill, 1992.

Meiotrichum lyallii is one of most common Polytrichaceae on mesic but not flooded soil in montane regions of the Sierra and Klamath Mountains. In such habitats, it would be most likely to be confused with Polytrichastrum alpinum. The two species are easily confused in the majority of keys: M. lyallii is typically described as having longitudinal cuticular ridges on the terminal cell of the photosynthetic lamellae; P. alpinum is described as having papillae on those cells. We have not found it easy to demonstrate the difference between the two descriptions, and so we have chosen other differentials for our key.
see key to Pogonatum Etc.

Species included:
Meiotrichum lyallii (Mitten) G. L. S. Merrill