Iwatsukiella W. R. Buck & H. Crum, 1978.

Iwatsukiella has been found on coniferous tree trunks on a few fog-drenched ridges in Oregon. We view this tiny pleurocarpous moss as unlikely to occur in California. Among pleurocarpous mosses with hyaline awns, Iwatsukiella might possibly be confused with a very small Claopodium but the hyaline awned members of that genus occupy rock outcrops and the bases of angiospermous trees. Costate leaves, catenulate when dry, characterize Claopodium; Iwatsukiella has neither of those features.
see key to Lescuraea Etc.

Species included:
Iwatsukiella leucotricha (Mitten) W. R. Buck & H. Crum, not known from CA