Herzogiella Brotherus, 1925.

Herzogiella in California comprises two species generally included in older works under Plagiothecium. These two species are restricted to montane sites in northwestern California. They are recognizably complanate, but that complanation may be obscured by a strong tendency toward a secund or homomallous condition. This pattern allows easy recognition of this pleurocarpous and ecostate genus. A quick examination of the upper leaf margin for the rather strong serration of the acuminate apex will further confirm a field identification. Under a compound microscope, the pattern of strongly porose basal cells of Herzogiella is unique among the plants previously placed in the broadly defined genus Plagiothecium. The capsules are unusual among the Hypnaceae in being sulcate.
see key to Hypnum Etc.

Species included are in Hypnaceae:
Herzogiella seligeri (Bridel) Iwatsuki
Herzogiella striatella (Bridel) Iwatsuki