Hennediella Paris, 1896.

Hennediella stanfordensis, photo by Wilson of Wilson 5299

Our species of Hennediella have C-shaped papillae on short rectangular cells with rounded lumina. This combination suggests a member of the Pottiaceae rather near Syntrichia or Tortula. One might look in Microbryum, but Hennediella has leaves that are too spreading for that bulbiform genus. The diagnostic feature for the genus in California is the trace of a limbidium. That limbidium is very obvious in H. stanfordensis, but it consists of only a few somewhat elongate cells in H. heimii. Both species are seriate papillose on the limbidial cells – a feature very infrequently encountered among California acrocarpous mosses.
see key to Tortula Etc.

Species included are in the Pottiaceae:
Hennediella heimii (Hedwig) Zander
Hennediella stanfordensis (W. C. Steere) Blockeel