Campylostelium Bruch & W. P. Schimper, 1846.

Campylostelium has not yet been found in California, but its presence on granitic rock at high elevations in Washington State suggests high possibility of its occurrence here. The very small plants grow as scattered tufts or single leafy axes exclusively on rock. It would probably not be collected except when the sporophyte is present. The very narrow and crispate leaves subtend an arcuate seta with a straight and cylindrical capsule. The plant shows its affinity with Ptychomitrium and with the Grimmiales in the calyptra with deep basal lobing.
see key to Seligeria Etc.

Species included:
Campylostelium saxicola (Weber & D. Mohr) Bruch & W. P. Schimper, not known from CA