Buckiella Ireland, 2001.

Buckiella undulata, photo by Wilson of Coleman 510

The genus Buckiella was erected by Ireland (2001) to accommodate the species formerly known as Plagiothecium undulatum and a related Hawaiian species (P. draytonii). This new genus was moved by Ireland from the Plagiotheciaceae to the Hypnaceae on the basis of symmetric leaves with cuticular papillate cells. The decurrencies that are very prominent in Plagiothecium are reduced to a breadth of only 1-3 cells. The plant is easily recognized in the field by its rather lime-green appearance, and its large size combined with ecostate leaves that are strongly complanate in arrangement. Our one species is very abundant on logs and even on soil in coastal humid forests of the northwestern corner of the state and northward in the coastal Pacific Northwest.
see key to Plagiothecium Etc.

Species included:
Buckiella undulata (Hedwig) Ireland