Bryolawtonia Norris & Enroth, 1990.

The only species of Bryolawtonia in the world occupies coastal forests as far south as Ventura County in California. It has broadly rounded costate leaves with short cells, and those leaves are quite complanately arranged. In California, the above characters are shared only with Metaneckera and Porotrichum. The strongly rugose leaves of the much larger Metaneckera easily distinguishes that genus. The somewhat larger Porotrichum has more elongate basal juxtacostal cells (seldom more than 2:1 in Bryolawtonia), and the broad recurvature of the trailing (postical) leaf margin in the complanate Porotrichum is also a diagnostic character.
see key to Neckera Etc.

Species included:
Bryolawtonia vancouveriensis (Kindberg) Norris & Enroth