Blindia Bruch & W. P. Schimper 1846.

Blindia acuta, photo by Wilson

Blindia is a strictly epipetric moss that ranges from alpine sites to near sea level in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon (it would not be unreasonable to look for cryptic divergence between lowland and montane populations). Blindia closely resembles a Dicranum both in gross morphology (acrocarpous moss with smooth median cells and subulate leaves), and in microscopic features (strongly demarcated and inflated alar regions). Familiarity with the single local species of this genus involves a recognition of its small size relative to Dicranum as well as the silky look provided by the regularly arranged, narrowly subulate leaves. The rust-red to russet coloration of the rather glossy plants provides an additional signal character. Blindia is encountered on boulders in the splash zone of creeks and rivers, rock walls of waterfalls, or on rock surfaces wet by snow melt.
see Keys to Dicranum, Kiaeria Etc.

Species included:
Blindia acuta (Hedwig) Bruch & W. P. Schimper