Bestia Brotherus in Engler & Prantl, 1906.

Bestia longipes, photo by Sagar

Bestia is a monotypic genus. Bestia longipes is strictly epipetric and rather common in the San Francisco Bay area but with its abundance diminished in all directions. It appears to be restricted to coastal bioregions. It has blunt to obtuse leaves; short elliptic to almost isodiametric cells; a strong and abaxially cristate costa; and numerous thick-walled, isodiametric cells. Many plants have a prostrate growth pattern along with a somewhat julaceous habit, and they may thus give a gross field resemblance to Scleropodium; other plants may be quite plumose and resemble an Isothecium. Neither of the two latter genera have short to isodiametric median laminal cells.
see Keys to Antitrichia, Neckera Etc.

Species included:
Bestia longipes (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Brotherus