Bartramia Hedwig, 1801.

Bartramia ithyphylla, photo by Wilson of Coleman 341

The species of Bartramia exhibit a puzzling array of gross morphological features: one of our species, B. pomiformis, is strongly crispate; another, B. ithyphylla, has abruptly expanded, sheathing leaf bases; and our third species, B. stricta, has neither character. Despite this diversity, the three species are recognizable by the combination of very narrowly subulate leaves that appear very opaque because of the multistratose leaf lamina, along with the abundance of reddish rhizoids that obscure the stem. Like other members of the Bartramiaceae, Bartramia has nearly spherical capsules, wrinkled but not sulcate, with a very narrow mouth and a diplolepidous peristome. Plagiopus, not yet found in California, has the crispate leaves of Bartramia pomiformis but its obscurely tristichous leaves mark it well, even in the field.
see key to Anacolia Etc.

Species included are all in the Bartramiaceae:
Bartramia halleriana Hedwig, not known from CA
Bartramia ithyphylla Bridel
Bartramia pomiformis Hedwig
Bartramia stricta Bridel