Atractylocarpus Mitten, 1869, nomen conservandum.

Atractylocarpus has only recently been found in California, and the species represents a major range extension from central Mexico. It is one example of the cluster of acrocarpous mosses with somewhat asymmetric leaves and with the costa filling most of the leaf base. A median leaf cross-section will clearly separate it from other such mosses. There is both a strong dorsal and ventral stereid band with a clearly defined dorsal and ventral epidermis on that costa. Unlike Campylopus, Atractylocarpus has a symmetrical and cylindric capsule on an erect seta. Our specimens grow on seepages on cliffs formed by roadcuts.
see key to Campylopus Etc.

Species included:
Atractylocarpus flagellaceus (C. Müller Hal.) R. S. Williams