Anoectangium Schwägrichen, 1811.

Anoectangium is one of the rather small group of Pottiaceae with plane margined leaves and cells in the leaf rather heterogeneous in size and shape. In the field, Anoectangium closely resembles Gymnostomum except for the pattern of obscurely tristichous leaves and a more rich green coloration. When sporophytes are present they will seem to arise from the apices of short, lateral branches. This latter character is shared with Molendoa sendtneriana, but Anoectangium has the costa confined to a narrow median groove, not present in Molendoa.
see key to Gymnostomum Etc.

Species included:
Anoectangium aestivum (Hedwig) Mitten, not know from CA
Anoectangium handelii Schiffner, recognized from CA since 2004