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Annie Alexander
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  This article contains the 1939 Field Notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg. I have attempted to reproduce the field notes as faithfully as possible while taking advantage of opportunities presented by the World Wide Web. For details about the Field Notes, please see About the Field Notes."

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Locations: Yucca Grove.  

Yucca Grove. 4000 ft., San Bernardino Co., Calif. on road to Las Vegas Nev.
Apr. 14, 1939
      Soil granite sand. Water is obtained from the auto camp from well 15 feet down in solid granite. In the Fall, it sometimes goes nearly dry. West less than a mile is a lava capped hill. A forest of Yucca brevifolia covers the uplands about here and scattered among them is a heavy growth of brush, very few bare spots and a good drainage. Good soil and moisture. Shrubs collected here by me May 5, 1933 were identified as follows: Ericameria monactis, Tetradymia stenolepis, Parosela fremontii, Menodora spinescens (now in full bloom), Salvia carnosa, Coleogyne ramosissima, Grayia spinosa, and Ephedra viridis. Others noted are Chrysothamnus, Larrea, Beloperone, Krameria, Encelia, and Opuntia. Two shrubs in blossoms are begging to be identified. Annuals? Taken in '33 were Mirabilis froebelli, Abronia villosa, Castilleja angustifolia, Astragalus layneae, Baileya multiradiata, and Lepidium fremontii. Some annuals collected this afternoon were found mostly under bushes. Surface of ground is moist from rains and snow yesterday and last nigh

Locations: Yucca Grove.  

Yucca Grove, Calif.2
April 15
      A bright, still morning. Walked over the lava slope and up to the rim rock. Found Franseria dumosa and ____ plants growing under it and under Krameria and Ephedra not found in the granite sand. Some minute plants in bloom in the open ground. Looked for ferns in the rim rock but found none.
April 16
      Took short walk to piles of rocks west of here where I found Nicotiana trigonophylla growing in crevices on west side.

Locations: Yucca Grove.  

  List of determined specimens of plants collected April 14-17, 1939
Yucca Grove, San Bernadino(sic) Co., California.
A. M. Alexander
      Collectors No.
    294 Melica imperfecta Trin.
    289 Festuca octoflora Walt.
    290 Bromus sp.
    291 Stipa speciosa Trin. & Rupr.
    292 Distichlis stricta (Torr.) Rydb.
    293 Sitanion jubatum J. G. Smith
    295 Hilaria rigida (Thurb.) Benth.
    320 Mirabilis sp.
    329 Rafinesquia neomexicana Gray
    318 Streptanthella longirostris (Wats.) Rydb.
    303 Caulanthus lasiophyllus (Hook. & Arn.) Payson
    307 Thelypodium Cooperi Wats.
    287 Prunus fasciculata (Torr.) Gray
    297 Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray
    302 Arabis pulchra Jones
    298 Sisymbrium incisum Engelm. Descuriana richardsonii (Sweet) O. E. Schutz ssp. incisa.
    299 Lepidium lasicarpum Nutt.
    300 Eucrypta micrantha (Torr.) Heller
    296 Cryptantha sp.
    288 Lycium Andersonii Dray
    301 Salvia columbariae Benth.
    304 Oxytheca perfoliata Torr. & Gray
    324 Linanthus maculatus Parish
    305 Linanthus aurea Nutt.
    306 Eriophyllum Wallacei Gray
    308 Amsinckia tessellata Gray
    309 Layia glandulosa (Hook.) Hock. & Arn.
      Collector's No.
    310 Chaenactis stevioides Hook. & Arn. var. brachypappa (Gray) Hall
    311 Malacothrix californica DC. var. glabrata Gray
    312 Astragalus Nuttallianus DC. var. imperfectus (Rydb.) Barneby
    313 Astragalus lentiginosus Dougl.
    314 Astragalus
    315 Astragalus lentiginosus Dougl.
    316 Lupinus concinnus Agardh.
    317 Eschscholtzia minutiflora Wats.
    319 Oenothera dentata Cav. var. Johnstonii Munz
    321 Cryptantha pterocarya (Torr.) Greene
    322 Mentzelia albicaulis Dougl.
    323 Nama demissum Gray
    325 Corizanthe sp.
    326 Gilia latiflora Gray ssp. excellena (Brand) A. V. Grant
    327 Phacelia Fremontii (Benth.) Gray
    328 328 Gilia filiformis Parry
    330 330 Anisocoma acaulis Torr. & Gray
    331 331 Antirrhinum filipes Gray
    332 332 Oenothera brevipes Gray
    333 333 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia (Benth.) Greene var. bipinnatifida (Torr.) Constance
    338 338 Lepidium alyssoides Gray L. montanum Nutt. ssp. cinereum (C. L. Hitchcock) C. L. Hitchcock
    337 337 Nicotiana trigonophylla Dunal
    336 336 Filago depressa Gray
    335 335 Thysanocarpus laciniatus Nutt. var. Hitchcockii Munz
    334 334 Monoptilon bellidiforme Torr. & Gray

Locations: Charleston Mountains.  

Charleston Mountains, Nevada

Locations: Clark Mountain.  

Clark Mountain, California

Locations: Yucca Grove.  

Yucca Grove

Locations: Parker Dam. Whipple Mountains.  

Parker Dam and Whipple Mountains, California.
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