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  As far as I know, there is not actually a field notebook for 1911. However, in the process of examining Alexander and Kellogg's 1939 and 1940 collections, I have occasionally run across their collections.

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Locations: Thompson Peak.  

July 24, 1911 -- Thompson Peak
    288.1 Pedicularis contorta
    291.1 Castilleja arachnoidea
    292.1 Lupinus lepidus Douglas ex Lindl. Var. lobbii (A. Gray ex S. Watson) C. L. Hitchc.
    293.1 Draba howellii
    295.1 Eriogonum incanum
    296.1 Polemonium pulcherrimum Hook.
    297.1 Sedum obtusatum A. Gray subsp. boreale R. T. Clausen
      Polygonum davisiaeW. H. Brewer ex A. Gray

Locations: Rush Creek.  

Rush Creek, Siskiyou County, Alt. 6400 ft.
    301.1 Spiraea douglasii

Locations: Rush Creek.  

July 30, 1911 -- Rush Creek
    304.1 Delphinium glaucum S. Watson, head of Rush Creek.
    305.1 Agastache urticifolia, head of Rush Creek.
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