A Series of Workshops on
Botanical and Ecological Subjects

2000 - 2001


August 2000

Message from the Coordinators

The Jepson Herbarium, celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, carries on Professor Willis Linn Jepson's life work studying the plants of California. Decades of scientific research led to the 1993 publication of The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. Since that time, research in the herbarium has focused on the evolutionary relationships of several groups of California plants and we are continuing to publish works that lead to a greater appreciation of our rich botanical heritage.

In addition to scientific research, the Jepson Herbarium offers a series of botanical workshops. The public programs, supported by The Friends of the Jepson Herbarium, are designed to provide members of the systematic, ecological, and conservation communities access to specialists in their field of study. The instructors who teach our classes are a wonderful resource for the Herbarium and the public and we are grateful for their contributions to our program. The classes are designed to accommodate botanical enthusiasts ranging from beginners to specialists. The Basic Botany Series is designed for participants with little or no botanical background. This season our classes will provide an introduction to the Plant Kingdom and the identification of Plant Families. The Weekend Workshop Series is designed for biological consultants, federal and state agency employees, botanists, ecologists, conservationists, educators, and interested amateurs. The content of the workshops is technical and the level of instruction will assume that participants have a general understanding of the subject matter. For the artists among us, we are offering an introductory Botanical Illustration course designed to accommodate participants with a variety of interests and skills. Lastly, this season, we are planning an exciting ten day floristic excursion to Ecuador.

We hope you will join us as we begin our seventh season continuing to explore, learn about, and admire California's unique and fascinating flora.

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