Contributing to the Second Edition of The Jepson Manual and to the Jepson Flora Project
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Contact Addresses of Contributing Authors
Updates for authors
Revisions to the Contributors' Guide, answers to questions, etc.
Important dates for contributions
Update #1 sent October 19, 2004
Update #2 sent February 18, 2005
Update #3 sent May 16, 2005
Contributors' Guide (240K)
A detailed guide to production of taxonomic treatments. Several changes relative to TJM1 have been adopted. Of particular importance are the revised taxonomic philosophy and expanded glossary.
PDF version of the Guide (800K)
The Jepson Online Interchange
Where to find recent taxonomic information and discussion. The Index to California Plant Names (ICPN) with links to FNA, IPNI, Tropicos, SMASCH database (including specimen records from UC, JEPS, DAV, UCR, UCI, UCSC, and SBBG), bioregional and county distribution maps, etc.
Help needed
All names for which for which the ICPN status is listed as "unresolved" (ordered alphabetically by genus); (ordered by family)
All names for which the ICPN status is listed as "tentative" (ordered by family)
All names for which there is uncertainty about author citation (ordered by family)
Type specimens of vascular plants at UC/JEPS (retrievable by family or genus)
Please help us determine current names for basionyms.
Names for which UC/JEPS has no voucher specimens
(deposition of vouchers welcome)
The Jepson Manual (TJM1) online treatments
Current versions of Manual keys and treatments, incorporating updates and additions.
Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk
Historical application of names of California plants: nomenclatural and taxonomic synonyms and misapplications.
Index to names in A Flora of California
Index to Jepson's Flora compiled by Tim Kask, with links to online pages.
Kew Record of Taxonomic Literature
Database of references relevant to the taxonomy of flowering plants, gymnosperms and ferns.

Submission address:
Submission deadline:
December 31, 2005 (early submissions welcomed)
April 30, 2006 for Poaceae

Jepson Herbarium
1001 Valley Life Sciences Building #2465
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

Jepson Flora Project Staff:

Bruce G. Baldwin, Convening Editor
Jeffrey Greenhouse, Project Research Specialist
Interpretation of geographic subdivisions, modification of distributions, and nomenclatural issues.
Staci Markos, Project Manager and Development Coordinator
Time-lines and tracking of treatments and illustrations.
Richard Moe, Database Manager
Web site and electronic text and data management.
Thomas J. Rosatti, Scientific Editor
Scientific content of treatments, nomenclatural issues, and questions related to the Guide.
Margriet Wetherwax, Managing Editor
Technical editing of treatments, illustration editor, and correspondence with authors

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