Summary of deadlines for authors contributing to the Second Edition of The Jepson Manual

April 30, 2005

  1. Send a complete list of the taxa you will be treating to Managing Editor, Margriet Wetherwax (
  2. Check the illustrations in The Jepson Manual and The Jepson Desert Manual, and send Margriet a list of any corrections that are necessary. Also, please send her a prioritized list of taxa that, in your view, should be illustrated in TJM2 that were not illustrated in either The Jepson Manual or The Jepson Desert Manual.

December 31, 2005 (April 30, 2006 for Poaceae)
Submit the first draft of your taxonomic treatment(s) to JFP staff (jepson_manual@lists.berkeley.EDU). Earlier submissions are welcomed.
While writing your treatment(s), pay special attention to the following:

  1. Review and comment on all names in the Index to California Plant Names (ICPN) for which for which the status is listed as "unresolved".
  2. Review and comment on all names in the ICPN for which the status is listed as "tentative".
  3. Use the Online Interchange to review Jepson bioregion maps with county presence indicated. Pay special attention to the red squares which may represent range extensions or specimens that have been misidentified.
  4. If applicable, review and address the list of corrections and additions we have received since TJM1 (referred to as "Unresolved Issues" in communications from Jeff Greenhouse).

December 31, 2005
Submit new names/combinations for publication to the journal of your choice.

January - December 2006
Work with the Managing Editor, Margriet Wetherwax, and the Scientific Editor, Tom Rosatti, to finalize your treatment.