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UC specimens and range limits for Nienburgia andersoniana
  • Blue markers: specimen records
  • Yellow marker: type locality, if present
  • Red markers: endpoints of range from literature

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Nienburgia Kylin 1935

Thalli with prostrate and erect branches; prostrate systems entangled and with spinelike irregular branches; erect portions divided into linear blades with inconspicuous midrib in upper portions and with lateral veins; axes polystromatic. Secondary filaments from apical cells alternately de veloping into marginal teeth, occasionally initiating branches. Tetrasporangial sori scattered on blade proper, or on small, discrete, proliferous blades. Spermatangia in conspicuous, elliptical to linear sori at apices of branches or in small, terminally or laterally placed proliferations. Cystocarps scattered over both surfaces of blades, projecting beyond surface and surrounded by hemispherical, ostiolate pericarp; carposporangia ter minal.

Nienburgia andersoniana (J. Ag.) Kyl.

Neuroglossum andersoniana J. Agardh 1876: 474. Nienburgia andersoniana (J. Ag.) Kylin 1935: 1; 1941: 32; Smith 1944: 345. Heteronema andersoniana (J. Ag.) Kyl. 1924: 46. H. borealis Kyl. 1924: 49. Nienburgia borealis (Kyl.) Kyl. 1935: 1.

Thalli tufted, bushy, the branches usually in 1 plane, rarely of more than 3 orders; bright rose red to dull carmine, drying to soft rose or greenish black; main axes 1-16 mm broad, the secondary axes of varying width, or all nearly the same; branches alternate, irregular, flabellately branching from base, or branches crowded in upper portions only; margins regularly dentate, or if broadened sometimes edentate; basal portion often stemlike because of abrasion; tetrasporangia usually restricted to marginal proliferations; sexual reproduction as for genus.

Frequent, saxicolous, low intertidal to subtidal (to 20 m), Br. Columbia to Baja Calif.; common in region of type locality (Santa Cruz, Calif.), where usually sterile.

Excerpt from Abbott, I. A., & Hollenberg, G. J. (1976). Marine algae of California. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. xii [xiii] + 827 pp., 701 figs.

Classification: Algaebase


Type locality: USA: California: Santa Cruz

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