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UC specimens and range limits for Hymenena multiloba

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  • Yellow marker: type locality, if present
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Hymenena Greville 1930

Thalli differentiated into prostrate, ribbonlike portions and erect blades. Blades undivided to much divided; divisions linear, spatulate, palmately or flabellately divided, monostromatic in upper portions and along edges, polystromatic through center and basally. Veins microscopic, or sometimes macroscopic, these several cells thick, without internal rhizoids. Tetrasporangia in sori, these small and scattered over blade, elliptical and in linear series, or in transverse bands across upper segments. Spermatangia, where known, in areolate sori scattered over blade. Cystocarps scattered over blade, or lateral to midline of branches, sometimes extending into marginal proliferations.

Hymenena multiloba (J. Ag.) Kyl.

Nitophyllum multilobum J. Agardh 1876: 698. Hymenena multiloba (J. Ag.) Kylin 1935: 3; Smith 1944: 350 (incl. synonymy).

Thalli short, densely branched, tufted, 4-8 cm tall, dark purplish-red to dull carmine, drying to black; blades subdichotomously to palmately divided, narrow, twisted, the margins entire or toothed; tetrasporangial sori broad, extending transversely across upper blades.

Locally abundant, in dense, often turfy clusters, intertidal on exposed rocks to subtidal (to 40 m), N. Br. Columbia to San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. Type locality: San Francisco, Calif.

Excerpt from Abbott, I. A., & Hollenberg, G. J. (1976). Marine algae of California. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. xii [xiii] + 827 pp., 701 figs.

Classification: Algaebase


Type locality: USA: California: Golden Gate

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