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UC specimens and range limits for Halosaccion glandiforme

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Halosaccion Kützing 1843

Thalli with 1 or more erect, hollow, short-stipitate sacs arising from discoid holdfasts. Stipes inconspicuous, cylindrical. Saccate portions usually cylindrical, sometimes sparingly branched, sometimes with hollow, proliferous outgrowths. Cells next to cavity large, colorless, the cells progressively smaller outward. Tetrasporangia cruciately divided, scattered remotely over entire surface, embedded in cortex. Sexual reproduction unknown.

Halosaccion glandiforme (Gmel.) Rupr.

Ulva glandiformis Gmelin 1768: 232. Halosaccion glandiforme (Gmel.) Ruprecht 1851: 279; Smith 1944: 298 (incl. synonymy).

Thalli 5-l5(25) cm tall, yellowish-brown to reddish-purple, usually with several simple sacs arising from single holdfasts; sacs of mature plants cylindrical, to 3 cm diam., the apices broadly rounded; sacs filled with water, this under pressure sometimes ejected through several terminal pores; older plants becoming compressed, the rounded apex eroding away. Abundant in certain areas, upper to midtidal rocks, northwest Pacific to Pt. Conception, Calif. Type locality: Kamchatka, U.S.S.R.

The small sacs frequently found on older plants may represent growth from germinated tetrasporangia.

Excerpt from Abbott, I. A., & Hollenberg, G. J. (1976). Marine algae of California. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. xii [xiii] + 827 pp., 701 figs.

Classification: Algaebase


Type locality: Russia: Kamchatka

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