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 <STRONG>* Ulva indica Roth</STRONG> <P>
 <EM>Ulva indica</EM> Roth, 1806: 327--328 (type locality: ``Ex India orientali'' [India <EM>fide</EM> Martens, 1868: 60--61]). <P>
 Misapplied name: <P>
 <EM>Phycoseris gigantea</EM>.--- Martens, 1868: 60--61. <P>
<blockquote> Note: According to C. Agardh (1823 [1822--1823]:
407--408), who had seen a specimen in Roth's herbarium, <EM>Ulva
indica</EM> Roth is referable to the plant that has traditionally but
erroneously been called <EM>Ulva latissima</EM> Linnaeus (<a href =
"/cgi-bin/getent?2785">see <EM>Ulva latissima</EM></a> auctorum).
Martens (<EM>l.c.</EM>) used the name <EM>Phycoseris gigantea</EM> to
refer to Roth's record. </blockquote>