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.Cs "* Ulva" indica "Roth"
\f2Ulva indica\f1
Roth, 1806: 327--328
(type locality: \*QEx India orientali\*U [India \f2fide\f1
Martens, 1868: 60--61]).
.Ts Misapplied name:
\f2Phycoseris gigantea\f1.---
Martens, 1868: 60--61.
According to
C. Agardh (1823 [1822--1823]: 407--408), who had seen a specimen
in Roth's herbarium, \f2Ulva indica\f1 Roth is referable to the plant
that has traditionally but erroneously been called
\f2Ulva latissima\f1 Linnaeus (see \f2Ulva latissima\f1 auctorum).
Martens (\f2l.c.\f1) used the name
\f2Phycoseris gigantea\f1 to refer to Roth's record.