Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden

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I am currently holding two positions, a post-doctorate at Bucknell University under the supervision of Dr. Chris Martine, and Research Botanist at the University and Jepson Herbaria at the University of California-Berkeley.

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I am a Nebraska native, where I completed two bachelor degrees, horticulture and chemistry (2000), and my biology masters (2005) at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I then jumped the pond to obtain my Doctorate in Natural Sciences at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where I joined a Brassicaceae group under Professor Dr. Marcus A. Koch in biodiversity and systematics.

    After the completion of my Dr. Nat. (PhD in German terms) in 2009, and driven to study polyploidy in plants, I spent two years with Pam and Doug Soltis on Team Trag (2010-2012). The model system of Tragopogon is a spectacular set of data to work with.

    In the fall of 2012, I moved to the Bay Area, California, where I am now a Research Botanist at the University and Jepson Herbaria at UC-Berkeley. In the fall of 2013, I have joined the lab of Dr. Chris Martine where I will be part of Team Solanum.

    I am currently in the writing phase of my post-doctoral years, and seeking funding to continue my research. My proposed research aims to explore questions regarding speciation processes in arctic and alpine polyploid plant species. The biological system of my studies is the Brassicaceae genus, Draba L., which is a highly diverse polyploid complex distributed in the arctic, subarctic, and alpine regions of the world.

Ingrid Jordon-Thaden
Bucknell University
Department of Biology
Lewisburg, PA
ijordonthaden (at)


University of California Berkeley
University and Jepson Herbaria
1001 Valley Life Sciences
Berkeley, CA 94720
ijordonthaden (at)


Academic Positions
Sept 2013-present
Post-Doctorate Associate
Bucknell University

Jan 2012-present	
Research Botanist, Courtesy 
University of California-Berkeley

Aug 2012-present	
Independent Consultant 
California Academy of Sciences 
Sept. 2010-June 2012	
Post-Doctorate Researcher 
University of Florida
Drs. Pam and Doug Soltis

Jan. 2010-Aug. 2010	
Post-Doctorate Researcher
University of Heidelberg, Germany 
Dr. Marcus Koch

April 2006-Dec 2009	
Graduate Research Assistant 
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Marcus Koch	 

May 2005-Feb 2006
Research Technician
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Tom Elthon

May 2003-May 2005
Graduate student and Lab Manager
botany undergrad labs
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Tom Elthon

Jan 2001-May 2003
Proteomics Lab Technician
Nebraska Center for Mass Spec
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Ron Cerny

Sept 1993-May 2000
Undergrad and researcher
in hort, physiology, and chemistry
University of Nebraska-Lincoln         
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