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BORN: 25 April 1953, Boise, Idaho.


     American Institute of Biological Sciences; American Society of Plant Taxonomists; Biosystematists (Membership secretary, 1986--1994); Botanical Society of America; California Academy of Sciences; California Botanical Society (Editorial Board, Madroño, 1985--89; Council Member, 1987--89; Corresponding Secretary, 1989--1992; President, 1992--1993; Past President, 1993--94); California Native Plant Society (chair of Rare Plant Scientific Advisory Committee, 1994--present; East Bay Chapter program chair, 1994--1996; East Bay Chapter member-at-large, 1996--1998; East Bay Chapter vice president, 1999; East Bay Chapter president 2000--2001); California Exotic Pest Plants Council; Idaho Academy of Sciences; Idaho Entomological Group; Idaho Native Plant Society; Interagency Botanists (academic liaison); International Association of Plant Taxonomists; International Organization of Plant Biosystematists; Native Plant Society of Oregon; Northern Nevada Native Plant Society; Sigma Xi; The Nature Conservancy.


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    1998. Keys to Juncus and Luzula of California.
    (work in progress) Carl Albert Purpus and his collecting activities in western North America. (with T. Schweich)
    1999. Far West Floristic Initiative: a collaborative framework for a distributed information system for the native and naturalized plants and lichens of the Far Western states. http://ucjeps.
    2001. Joint Program in Botany between Iranian Institutions and University Herbarium.


    The following field experience is based on numerous trips, mostly in the western United States, resulting in over 17,500 collection numbers (mostly vascular plants, some bryophytes). This includes several new species (see publications) and range extensions (mostly unpublished as such, but information provided to relevant floras and monographs in preparation). Two new species have been named after me: Senecio ertterae Barkley from southeastern Oregon and Astragalus ertterae Barneby & Shevock from the southern Sierra Nevada. The dates and areas can be summarized as follows:
    1969--72: Initial interest in plant taxonomy with focus on Boise foothills and western Salmon River Mountains near McCall, Idaho. Both areas have remained specialties.
    1972--75: Field work out the College of Idaho herbarium (CIC); many collections jointly with Dr. Patricia L. Packard. Main areas of interest: southwestern and central Idaho, southeastern Oregon.
    1972--present: general collecting for herbarium exchange programs, in western U.S. and Texas.
    1975--76: Plant survey for Idaho Department of Fish & Game in Bennett Hills at N edge of Snake River Plains and in southeastern Idaho.
    1976--78: Field work for Oxytheca study out of University of Maryland: Nevada, California.
    1978--82: Field work for Juncus study out of New York Botanical Garden; also general collecting for Intermountain Flora. California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Idaho.
    1982--85: Field work out of University of Texas at Austin, mostly in Texas.
    1982--present: Field work out of University of California at Berkeley, mostly in California and Idaho.
    1983--present: Field work on herbaceous Rosaceae (esp. Potentilla, Ivesia, Horkelia) for various floras. Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington.
    1986--present: Field work for a flora of the western Salmon River Mountains, Idaho.
    1986--present: Tracing collecting route of C. A. Purpus. California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Baja California.
    Miscellaneous: Tabasco, Mexico (Jan 1974); Florida (Mar 1977); Maryland/West Virginia (Fall and Spring 1975-78); Baja California (Apr 1978, Jan 1989); New York (Fall 1979-81); Australia/New Zealand (Sep 1981); New Mexico (Mar, Jul 1983); Wyoming (Aug 1987); Alaska (Jul 1992); Hawaii (Aug 1992); Norway/Sweden (Aug 1995); Iran (May-June 1999).


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