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Online Resources of the Herbaria
Jepson Online Interchange
A centralized location for California floristics information.

Index to California Plant Names
An annotated, interactive list of names applied to California plants.

The Jepson Manual, Second Edition [link to UC Press site]

The Jepson eFlora
Treatments and keys in parallel with the Second Edition

1993 Jepson Manual

Jepson Field Books
Willis Linn Jepson’s original field books in his own writing, documenting his travels and plant collections.

California Moss eFlora
This online flora of California mosses is a work in progress. It is a collaborative effort of a broad group of professional and amateur bryologists, coordinated by UC Berkeley and Cal State Northridge.

Tarweed nomenclature
Research into California tarweeds has altered how the relationships are interpreted and has necessitated some name changes. Here is a table relating new names to old.

MEKA and digital keys to many genera in the California Flora
Multiple entry keys are available for download.

Consortium of California Herbaria interface
Search by collections of participant collections (including those of UC and JEPS) by name, family, county, locality, geographic coordinates, collection date, collector, or collection number.

Type specimens of fungi and lichens in UC
Names, type locality information, and references.

Type specimens of ferns and fern allies in UC
More than 2000 types. Names, protologue information, cross references, images Searchable (150 kb file).

Type specimens of vascular plants in UC and JEPS
Text file of ca. 10,000 names in alphabetical order, including name, collector, collection date, provenance (900 Kb). Nearly all California types and most North America types are included. Types from other regions are included inconsistently. Most holotypes are included.

Keys to California species of Juncus and Luzula
Newly updated by Barbara Ertter

Moorea Digital Flora Project
Developed and maintained by UC/JEPS graduate students Andy Murdock and Anya Hinkle.

Jepson Place Name Index
California place names that are used on specimens in the Jepson Herbarium. Hosted by the Museum Informatics Project.

Carl Albert Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America
By Barbara Ertter and Tom Schweich.

Lists of bryophyte names
A list of genera in the UC bryophyte herbarium
A list of specimen folders in the UC bryophyte herbarium (large file)
A list of type specimens in the UC bryophyte herbarium

Phycology Resources
Nomenclatural, bibliographic, systematic, and floristic resources are maintained through the Center for Phycological Documentation.

Herbaria Archives — Images

Herbaria Archives — Correspondence